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County Review Process Guide

Process Guide For Subdivision And Land Development Plans Requiring County Review

Municipal subdivision and land development ordinances apply for plans located in the following municipalities:

Albion Borough
Greenfield Township Springfield Township
City of Corry Harborcreek Township Summit Township
Edinboro Borough Lake City Borough Union City Borough
City of Erie Lawrence Park Township Venango Township
Fairview Township McKean Borough Washington Township
Franklin Township McKean Township Waterford Borough
Girard Borough Millcreek Township Waterford Township
Girard Township North East Borough Wesleyville Borough
Greene Township North East Township  

This guide is not intended to supersede or replace any municipal ordinance or requirement. Contact the municipality for specific regulations, requirements and procedures to be followed.

  1. Contact the municipality for specific regulations, requirements and procedures to be followed.
  2. A pre-application consultation and/or sketch plan submission to the municipality is recommended.
  3. Plans must be prepared by a licensed surveyor.
    1. The sheet size for final plans must be 18” x 24”.
    2. Plans must be signed & sealed by surveyor.
    3. Plans must be signed & notarized by owner(s).
    4. One mylar and at least seven paper copies will be required.
  4. Submit the mylar and at least 5 copies to the Erie County Department of Planning for its review and signatures. Note that some municipalities require a municipal review prior to submittal to the county. Check with the municipality to determine the process to be followed in your area.
  5. If the property is enrolled in Clean and Green (Act139), you should contact the Assessment Department at (814)451-6225 before recording the subdivision in the Recorder of Deeds office.
  6. No final plan shall be signed by the Erie County Department of Planning until a determination is made whether sewage facility planning and approval is necessary.

     a)    For proposals in areas with on-lot sewage disposal options, submit two copies of the survey plan to the Erie County Department of Health, Environmental Services. A determination will be made whether a local waiver to sewage planning is appropriate or if DEP approval is necessary.

    b)    For proposals in areas with public sewers, the municipality will determine whether any proposed sewage flows can be accommodated by a local tap-in or whether DEP approval, waiver or exception is necessary.

  7. Submit the mylar and at least 4 copies to the municipality for its review, approval and signatures.
  8. Submit 3 copies approved survey (at least one copy must have original signatures) to the Erie County Recorder of Deeds. This must be done within 90 days of approval by the municipality.

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