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In 2016 the Planning Commission was reorganized from a 46 member board to the current 9 member board with 3 alternate members. The Erie County Planning Commission (ECPC) is an advisory board, comprised of representatives from each of the 7 County Council District, Erie County Township Association (ECATO), and the Erie County Association of Boroughs (ECAB).  The ECPC annually elects a Chairman and a Vice Chairman. The director of the Erie County Department of Planning (ECDP) serves as the Secretary to the ECPC.



The ECPC typically holds monthly meetings at 6:00 PM on the second Thursday of the month, unless there is no official business to officiate.  Meetings are held at the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development, 150 East Front Street, Suite 300, Erie PA unless otherwise advertised.  All meetings are open to the public and all interested parties are welcome to attend.


ECPC duties are as defined by the Municipalities Planning Code or MPC, Act 247 of P.I. 805. As reenacted and amended, 53 PS Section 1010, et seq.


A planning commission acts as an advisor to the governing body. Its principal role is stipulated in Section 209.1 of the MPC: A planning commission is required – at the request of the governing body – to prepare a comprehensive plan for the long-term growth, development, and well-being of the municipality. Under Section 209.1 of the MPC, a planning commission is also empowered to:

  1. Make recommendations to the governing body concerning the adoption or amendment of an official map.
  2. Prepare and present to the governing body a zoning ordinance, and make recommendations to the governing body on proposed amendments to it.
  3. Prepare, recommend, and administer subdivision and land development and planned residential development regulations.
  4. Prepare and present to the governing body a building code and a housing code and make recommendations concerning proposed amendments thereto. Refer to The Planning Commission and Building Code Enforcement section below.
  5. Do such other acts or make studies as may be necessary to fulfill the duties and obligations imposed by the MPC.
  6. Prepare and present to the governing body an environmental study.
  7. Submit to the governing body a recommended capital improvements program.
  8. Prepare and present to the governing body a water survey, which shall be consistent with the State Water Plan and any applicable water resources plan adopted by a river basin commission. The water survey shall be conducted in consultation with any public water supplier in the area to be surveyed.
  9. Promote public interest in, and understanding of, the comprehensive plan and planning.
  10. Make recommendations to governmental, civic, and private agencies and individuals as to the effectiveness of the proposals of such agencies and individuals.
  11. Hold public hearings and meetings.
  12. Present testimony before any board.
  13. Require from other departments and agencies of the municipality such available information as relates to the work of the planning agency.
  14. In the performance of its functions, enter upon any land to make examination and land surveys with the consent of the owner.
  15. Prepare and present to the governing body a study regarding the feasibility and practicability of using renewable energy sources in specific areas within the municipality.

Review the zoning ordinance, subdivision and land development ordinance, official map, provisions for planned residential development, and such other ordinances and regulations governing the development of land no less frequently than it reviews the comprehensive plan


Planning Commissioners are appointed by the County Executive after recommendation from County Council to represent their respective Districts. ECATO and ECAB recommend appointments to the County Executive. Alternates are selected from the pool of nominees not appointed as a regular member. 

District or Organization
ECPC Term Expiration 
Millcreek Matt Waldinger
Erie Charles Casey
Erie Carl Anderson
Summit Twp Nathan Miller
Fairview Twp Jim Cardman
Millcreek Twp John Groh
Girard Boro Jeanne Miller
Alt #1
Girard Twp Paul Pangratz
Alt #2
NorthEast Twp Russ LaFuria
Alt #3
Girard Boro Rob Stuebenbort


Appointment Process

At the time of term expiration or to fill a midterm vacancy, each municipality within a District may nominate an eligible individual to be considered for membership to the Planning Commission. County Council members will review the list of nominees from their District and recommend one to be appointed by the County Executive. ECATO and ECAB nominates one member for the County Executive’s consideration. Alternates are appointed by the County Executive from the remaining nominees not selected as a regular member.


Erie County Planning Commission 2019 Meeting Schedule

Erie County Planning Commission Meetings will be held at the following dates and locations beginning at 6:00 pm.

February 21 
Erie County Department of Planning 
150 East Front Street, Suite 300
Erie, PA 16507

April 11 
Summit Township Building
1230 Townhall Rd
Erie, PA 16509

June 13 
Avonia Beach Park 
2 Avonia Road
Fairview, PA 16415

August 8 
Headwaters Park 
1927 Wager Road
Erie, PA 16509

October 10 
Girard Borough Building
34 Main Street West
Girard, PA 16417

December 12 
Erie County Department of Planning 
150 East Front Street, Suite 300
Erie, PA 16507

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