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Girard, McKean and North East CDBG

In addition to the County’s CDBG program to benefit “Non-entitlement” municipalities, the ECDP administers the CDBG grants of 4 “entitlement” communities- - Girard Township, McKean Township, North East Borough, and Edinboro Borough. Pursuant to the provisions of PA Act 179, these municipalities are “entitled” to receive CDBG funds each year from the PA DCED as a result of having a population according to the latest Decennial Census of 4,000 or more and meeting the minimum standards of physical and economic distress of the Federal Urban Development Action Grant Program. The grant funds of these “entitlements” are used to undertake activities which address their respective housing and community needs and which principally benefit persons of low-to-moderate income.

Project Status Reports

“OBO” Girard Township CDBG Allocations
“OBO” Girard Township Census Boundary/LMI Summary Data MAP
“OBO” Girard Township CDBG funded projects

“OBO” McKean Township CDBG Allocations
“OBO” McKean Township Census Boundary/LMI Summary Data MAP
“OBO” McKean Township CDBG funded projects

“OBO” North East Borough CDBG Allocations
“OBO” North East Borough Census Boundary/LMI Summary Data MAP
“OBO” North East CDBG funded projects

“OBO” Edinboro Borough CDBG Allocations
“OBO” Edinboro Borough Census Boundary/LMI Summary Data MAP
“OBO” Edinboro Borough CDBG funded projects from 2012 to 2015

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