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Erie County CDBG Program

Erie County is one of the 50 counties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania “entitled” to apply for and receive an annual allocation of CDBG monies from the state pursuant to the provisions of PA Act 179 of 1984. The County’s “entitlement” monies are to be used to assist “non-entitlement” boroughs and townships undertake housing and community development projects which principally benefit low-to-moderate income persons. A “non-entitlement” is a municipality which does not receive an annual CDBG allocation from either the state or HUD. Of the 38 municipalities in Erie County, 29 are “non-entitlement” and therefore can apply for a share of the County’s CDBG dollars.

Additional Information:

Map identifying Non-Entitlement & Entitlement Municipalities
Map identifying Erie County CDBG Jurisdiction - -Non-Entitlement Municipalities
General Timeframe – Application Process
Erie County CDBG allocations
Erie County CDBG funded projects

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