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CZM Projects

The Coastal Resources Management Program funds the following project typs:  Construction, Research, Planning, Acquisition, and Design.  

The following projects were funded in part through the Coastal Resources Management Program, and have recently completed their project work:    

2013-PE.04 – City of Erie:  Comprehensive Plan Initiative – Phase II
The City of Erie completed a Comprehensive Plan, an effort that has not been done at a comparable scale since the 1960’s. This plan addresses strategies for the City of Erie by strengthening the “core” which includes:  Downtown, East and West Bayfront neighborhoods, the Bayfront, and the 12th Street Corridor; and stabilizing and strengthening other neighborhoods throughout the City.  

2014-PE. 02 – Regional Science Consortium:  The Missing Link: A National Weather Service Buoy for the PA Waters of Lake Erie
The Regional Science Consortium operates two weather stations, two beach buoys, and a sophisticated Nearshore Buoy in the Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie. The original design of the Nearshore Buoy resulted in difficulties in outfitting the buoy with a wave sensor because this technology was not well developed. Since that time the technology has advanced and other wave meters have been developed; however the reliability of the new technology had not been validated. The Regional Science Consortium deployed a new Wave Buoy system, integrating a new wave meter on May 3, 2016 adjacent to the Nearshore Buoy, approximately 2 miles off the Presque Isle State Park lighthouse (within 5 miles of the mainland) in 50 feet of water.  Beta testing of the Wave Buoy’s wave measurements was conducted from May through June 2016 to ensure wave measurements were accurate and comparable to that of the Nearshore Buoy. Upon the successful completion of the testing period, the Wave Buoy will be moved to the western Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie off of Walnut Creek. 

2014-PE.03 – Regional Science Consortium:  Contribution to PA Marine Spatial Planning – Archeological Survey and Inventory
The Regional Science Consortium facilitated the development of the Pennsylvania Archeological Shipwreck Survey Team, a group of stakeholders including an archeologist, SCUBA divers, marine educators, researchers, and historians.  This group combined skillsets to provide education and outreach related to the shipwrecks in Pennsylvania Lake Erie waters.  Team members also worked to develop a NAUI certification course, collected and inventoried historical documentation related to shipwrecks, and surveyed and inventoried shipwrecks and marine artifacts. 

2014 Pe


2014-PE.04 – Harborcreek Township:  Shorewood Master Site Plan

Harborcreek Township recently completed a Master Site Plan for Shorewood Park, located on the Shores of Lake Erie adjacent to Twelve-Mile Creek.  The plan includes amenities such as picnic shelters, benches, a fire pit, a fishing pier, trails, and a pedestrian bridge.

2014-PE.05 – Erie-Times News in Education – Restoring, Conserving, and Protecting Limited Coastal Resources
Erie Times-News in Education, in partnership with PA Sea Grant and other agencies publishes regular pages related to the conservation of Lake Erie coastal resources and citizen stewardship activities, especially those involving K-12 students.  This project educates and involves thousands of citizens, elected officials, professionals and 6,000 K-12 students in protecting the PA Lake Erie Coastal Zone and the entire Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed.  These pages address topics such as marine debris, harmful algal blooms, invasive species, and problems that can only be solved when citizens of all ages get involved.  This project has been referenced by the National Sea Grant office as a best practice for informing and involving citizens.  

Thank you to all of the grantees for your efforts in bringing these projects to life.  Your hard work and dedication to the Coastal Resources Management Program is unparalleled, and we are honored to work with such enthusiastic and committed stewards of our precious natural resources within the Lake Erie Coastal Zone.   

Technical Assistance:

Erie County staff provides technical assistance to municipalities and organizations to support the CZM program. From advising potential applicants on how to submit an application to the preparation of the final report, Erie County staff works closely with grantees to ensure the successful completion of their project 

For further information on how the Coastal Zone Management Program can benefit your municipality or organization, contact Joy Knapp at 814-451-7332 or at jknapp@eriecountypa.gov. Applications and additional information can be found at Pennsylvania’s Coastal Zone Management program web page.

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