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Agricultural Security Areas

Agricultural Security Areas (ASAs) have been established by eighteen municipalities across Erie County in order to encourage, promote, preserve, and protect normal farming operations.

ASA Qualities

  • An area within one or more municipalities, consisting of at least 250 acres owned by one or more persons
  • Normal agricultural activities are exempt from local nuisance ordinances (such as those that involve noise, dust, or odors
  • Limitations are placed on condemnation and eminent domain
  • Hazardous waste treatment or storage facilities are not permitted
  • Parcels enrolled must be engaged in the production of crops, livestock, or livestock products

Inclusion in an ASA is voluntary, and landowners may enroll their properties in or remove their properties from an ASA at any time. Municipalities must review their ASAs every seven years, removing any parcels that are no longer in active agriculture. The municipality may not include parcels within an ASA without the consent of the landowner.

To date, eighteen municipalities in Erie County, including seventeen townships and one rural borough, have established ASAs containing slightly over 68,000 acres. Use the map below to determine whether your municipality has established an ASA and, if so, how many acres of farmland have been enrolled as well as how many farms have entered the Farmland Preservation Program. The map also provides total farm acreages which have been preserved by the Erie County Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program.


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